Steering Committee Forges into Fall with New Projects

Despite an exceptionally active season spent dealing with flooded fields, washed-out roads and countless other distractions, the Partners in Progress Steering Committee remained steady at the helm.

Thanks to their leadership and collective vision, work continued unabated through the summer months on many of the year-one initiatives of the committee’s Economic Development Roadmap. Some nearing completion and others already online, these initiatives are aimed at empowering local businesses, attracting investment dollars, and enhancing the region’s profile as a unique, authentic and multifaceted gem.

Learn more about these great new tools below, or simply start exploring them for yourself right here on the wesite!

New Online Surveys

In the spirit of accurately understanding the different opportunities and barriers to doing business in the region, the Steering Committee has launched two new online surveys. The Development Permit Survey seeks to measure satisfaction with the process of obtaining the various permits for development in the region – either from the Town of Onoway or Lac Ste. Anne County.

A Campground Survey is also being conducted to gauge insights and observations related to the many camping facilities throughout the region. This survey will help the Steering Committee understand the value camping-related tourism adds to the local economy; and will likely also identify other tourism opportunities or areas of improvement.

If you have insights or suggestions on regional campgrounds or development permit processes, please take a few moments and complete the surveys that apply to you. Your responses will be kept confidential and will be vital in identifying ways to expedite business development.

Local Business Toolkit

Being in business is a daunting task at the best of times, and the Steering Committee recognizes the particular importance of nurturing and growing business start-ups in the Lac Ste. Anne region. In this spirit, the Steering Committee is in the latter stages of creating a Local Business Guide to help entrepreneurs at any stage of their regional operation’s life cycle. This document is designed to provide common-sense advice on regional practices and procedures, and will cite organizations that provide free support to local businesses. References to additional information on how to form your company, how to prepare a business plan and where to source financing will also be included. The Guide will be available digitally via the Partners in Progress website, and in hard copy format at the Town and County administration offices.

Helping Local Businesses Get Found

Regional entrepreneurs seeking a resourceful way to market their offerings will be excited to learn about the new directory that’s soon to be added to If you operate a business of any size or type within the Lac Ste. Anne region, you’ll soon be able to create a profile, make a business listing, add images and write a brief introduction — all in mere minutes!

Do-it-Yourself Website Builder

Also slated for launch this fall is a drag-and-drop app that does away with the cost and complexity of building a business website. Users of practically any skill level will be able to construct their own unique website, claim a unique domain name and much more. Need a bit of design or writing expertise to make your website truly stand out? Partners in Progress will provide a preferred vendor list of local creative professionals who are familiar with the website builder tools.

Real-Time Regional Demographics

A new application is currently being developed that will give users access to different types of regionally filtered Stats Can demographic data like labour force by industry, company types and much more. This powerful new tool will provide quick, accurate data to compare Lac Ste. Anne County with other business regions – helping existing and prospective businesses alike make informed decisions.

Mandated with promoting the region and supporting its local economy, the Onoway/Lac Ste. Anne Partnership Steering Committee is excited to continue moving forward on executing the recommendations from the Economic Development Strategy (On Our Way to Endless Opportunity). Continue to visit to explore some of these exciting new business tools and services as they launch in the weeks and months to come.

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