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Municipal leaders have joined forces to support industry, attract investment, and introduce the Lac Ste. Anne region to the world.

Economic Development (or Ec Dev for short) is an essential function of any municipality. Simply put, the role of Ec Dev is to enhance the well-being of communities by developing strategies and implementing programs that support local business. Ec Dev is not a new concept; it’s a mandate that all levels of government pursue with varying degrees of success. What is new, however, is the collaborative route Lac Ste. Anne County and the Town of Onoway have taken via its aptly named Partners in Progress initiative.

Following years in the research and planning stages, some of the practical applications of this regional think tank have been launched. Available soon on this website, these new resources are tailor-made for the Lac Ste. Anne region, and are free for use by any local businesses looking to grow. Most exciting of all, these are just the first offerings in a suite of resources being developed by the Steering Committee.

On this website you’ll discover a growing resource of small business tools, technologies and marketing opportunities for the local business community. Take advantage of them, and return often to see what’s in store for local businesses as the Partners in Progress program gains momentum in the weeks and months to come.

Onoway/Lac Ste. Anne Partnership Steering Committee

Formed in 2018, the Onoway/Lac Ste. Anne Partnership Steering Committee is mandated with promotion of the Lac Ste. Anne region and support of its local economy. This group meets monthly to discuss, plan and implement regional business development strategies. Continue to watch this site for exciting new projects the Steering Committee will be undertaking throughout the year to support regional business owners.

Nick Gelych
Steering Committee Chair; Deputy Reeve, Lac Ste. Anne County

Cindy Suter
Economic Development Director, Lac Ste. Anne County, Staff Liaison for the Steering Committee


Lorne Olsvik
Councillor, Lac Ste. Anne County

Mike Primeau
CAO, Lac Ste. Anne County

Steve Hoyda
Councillor, Lac Ste. Anne County


Judy Tracey
Mayor, Town of Onoway

Lynne Tonita
Councillor, Town of Onoway

Wendy Wildman
CAO, Town of Onoway


Download the Economic Development Roadmap

Explore the document that guides the activities of the Onoway/Lac Ste. Anne Partnership.Click Here to download a PDF version of "On Our Way to Endless Opportunity: An Economic Roadmap."